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Our Story

Amanda and Jonathan first met in Cool Beans, a local coffee shop, in 2011. She was his barista and he was her coffee loving customer. After frequenting the shop for weeks, Jonathan finally introduced himself. Amanda was surprised by his introduction because she was told by a coworker his name was Ben. After briefly “debating” his real name, Jonathan with a quick and slick response said “You can call me Ben, if I can call you later tonight.” Amanda smiled, wrote her number on his coffee cup lid, and the rest is history.

Fast forward a few years, they decided the best time to move in together was during a global pandemic (ha!). After 90+ days of staying 6 feet apart, in separate households, they decided to create their own. In August 2020, they signed a lease and were handed the keys to a home in the picturesque Hudson Valley village of Piermont, NY.

While exploring the Hudson Valley, they stumbled upon the historic Lyndhurst Mansion, almost directly across the Hudson River from their home. Perched on top of a hill, the mansion grounds offer magical sunsets as the fading light dances on the water. Jonathan knew this was a perfect spot to propose. On July 5, 2021 he packed a picnic, got down on one knee, and asked Amanda to share her life with him. She said “Yes!”